What is the United Wrestling Network?


There is an adage that says “you couldn’t get wrestling promoters to order a cup of coffee together.” Of the hundreds of wrestling promotions around the world, few are seemingly willing to work together. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Executive Producer David Marquez is looking to change that by creating the United Wrestling Network.

“What we’ve done is formed a sanctioning body that oversees a number of member promotions,” says Marquez. “The purpose is to bring companies together to exchange talent, create new relationships, and promote championships that can be defended on any of the United-sanctioned events.” The UWN has wasted no time in bringing a variety of promotions into the fold.

“Currently we have about ten promotions making up the United Wrestling Network,” says Marquez. Starting with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as the initial member, United soon added possibly the polar opposite: Combat Zone Wrestling. With a flair for ultraviolence, CZW occupies a particular space in the wrestling spectrum, as does the next promotion on the list: the party-like Freelance Wrestling. Each of these companies offers a distinct atmosphere for the United Wrestling Network champions to defend their titles.

The newly-crowned United World Tag Team Champions Reno Scum have already dominated competition across the Network. As United Wrestling Network Television Champion, Rocky Romero spent the majority of 2017 defending that title in Japan before losing the championship to Scorpio Sky this past December. Fans should expect to see stars cross over between promotions as well as on United-branded events, such as  “Cavalcade of Champions,” which was hosted by Championship Wrestling From Arizona.  This televised event brought together champions from nearly every member promotion to create a unique showcase of talent that you will only find in the United Wrestling Network.

With new promotions being added all over the world, the United Wrestling Network seeks to expand its reach on the global wrestling landscape in a way that no sanctioning body has done before. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on member companies and upcoming events from the United Wrestling Network.

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