United World Champion to be Crowned in 2018

2018 will bring big changes to the United Wrestling Network. Expanding the number of member promotions, exchanging talent, and holding United banner events will be made even more exciting by the latest news to come out of the sanctioning body: in 2018 there will officially be a United World Champion.

“It’s been four years in the making,” says UWN President David Marquez. After gathering a number of member promotions, United Wrestling Network officials are combing through every corner of talent pool for top stars to include in a tournament to crown their first World Champion.

“United is home to many popular regional champions,” says United Executive Mick Greenwood,  “Guys like Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s Bad Dude Tito and Sugar D from Freelance Wrestling are on our list for possible tournament entries.” Officials are not only looking for top regional champions, but are also considering wrestlers with potential to prove themselves. “We’ve been very impressed with the guys coming out of the United promotions,” continues Greenwood,  “David Starr from CZW and Suede Thompson from FSW have been put on the list as well.”

Being the inaugural UWN Champion will mean big things for its holder. As David Marquez puts it, “It will be a true “World” Championship. This title will be defended around the world. Not just in Hollywood. Not just in Philadelphia or Arizona. The world is open. We’ll show you.”

With such momentous events set to come, it’s best to keep your attention to the United Wrestling Network for updates on competitors and the UWN World Championship.

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