This week’s Getting Over feature we shine our spotlight on CWFH color commentator Blake Troop!

For this week’s Getting Over feature, in which we recognize and thank the hard-working crew of UWN, we shine the spotlight on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s color commentator Blake Troop!

🖐 things to know about “Bulletproof Troop”:

🐶 Has an awesome dog named Timone.

🔫 Does tactical firearms training and went to stunt driving school this year. Says he’s “like a real life John Wick.”

🏆 Is a world champion in two different combat sports. Is currently signed to Lights Out Extreme Fighting, which has mutual owners to UWN/CWFH.

👊 Favorite wrestlers: Stone Cold, The Rock, DX, Sting (NWO-era and later). “I feel like I am a mix of all of these personalities.”

🤼‍♂️ Having a WWE talent scout express interest in him, resparked his pro wrestling dreams.


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