Logan Chegwidden, Producer/Director of both CWFH & CWFAZ

For this week’s #GettingOver feature, in which we thank the amazing crew behind the curtain of our growing operation, we are pointing the spotlight at Logan Chegwidden, producer/director of both Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Championship Wrestling from Arizona, and editor of our weekly social media series, #ThePush.

Five facts about Logan:

? Started working with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood in 2010.

? Received an Emmy nomination in 2018 for his work on the program “50 Plus Prime: Carl and Rob Reiner, Like father Like Son.”

? Was the sole American camera operator on UWN’s China program, which was directed in Mandarin.

? Favorite album to play in the van on the way to road shows is Marvin Gaye’s 1972 album Trouble Man.

⚰️ Favorite UWN memory is, along with Mick Greenwood, Peter Avalon and Robert Baines, murdering the original Joe Galli in 2018.