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The Push – Charles “R3” Cassus

On this episode of The Push, we sit down with the man behind the R3 persona from Championship Wrestling From Arizona, to talk about his career, about the “Agents of Chaos” tag-team with Evan Daniels, and about his future goals in the United Wrestling Network.


This week’s #GettingOver feature the spotlight turns to Jon Roberts.

For this week’s #GettingOver feature, in which we thank our talented and dedicated crew, the spotlight turns to Jon Roberts, who has worked in wrestling for the last 15 years.

Five Things to Know About Jon:

? Trained as a wrestler and worked as a referee before moving into broadcasting.

? Has worked for #UnitedWrestling for 2 years as a backstage interviewer, play-by-play commentator, production coordinator and editor.

? Played trombone in high school and still plays guitar.

? Tour manager for various rock-and-roll bands, having worked with the likes of The Addicts and The Street Dogs.

? Has traveled and worked in over 40 states across the country.


Billy Trask, Director for CWFH & the NWA!

For this week’s #GettingOver feature, in which we thank the talented and dedicated crew behind the scenes, we turn the spotlight on Billy Trask, the director for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and the NWA!

Five Things to Know About Billy:

? He is mixed-handed: “My baseball coach thought I was going to be a huge asset, but I just wanted to go home and watch cartoons instead.”

?‍♂️ Trained to wrestle for several months under Ty Matthews before moving over to production. He trained alongside current #UnitedWrestling Television Champion Dan Joseph and Nigel McGuinness made him tap.

? Started making “terrible movies” when he was 9-years old and worked on his first commercial shoot at 16.

? Is an Isabelle main in #SuperSmashBros Ultimate, followed by Roy and Bowser.

? Plays several instruments, including guitar, bass, piano and clarinet. “I’m easily the worst at clarinet, which is the only instrument I have formal training in.” And he lists his favorite bands as: Queen, the Beatles and the White Stripes.


Nick Bonanno, lead official for both CWFH & CWFAZ

You will probably recognize the subject of this week’s #GettingOver feature, in which we thank and spotlight the talented and dedicated team behind #UnitedWrestling.

Nick Bonanno is the lead official for both Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Championship Wrestling from Arizona, but is also the wrestling operations producer for the organization, and host of the United Wrestling Podcast, which streams live TONIGHT at 7 pm, here on Facebook.

? Things to Know About Nick

? Has a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kendo.

? Studied ballet to better his in-ring work.

⚰️ Built the Tomb of Terror! (Watch it TODAY on CWFAZ’s Facebook page)

? Constructed an enormous box fort, giant maze and a Rube Goldberg machine for different shoots.

? Has been a writer/producer with #UWN since 2017 and have been writing feature films with David Marquez since 2015.



Heritage Hall – Ryan Taylor vs Willie Mack – Sept 21 2013

This weeks #heritagehall is a classic battle from September 21st 2013 between two former Hollywood Heritage Champions. Ryan Taylor battles Willie Mack. At the time Taylor was doing everything he could to reclaim the Heritage title from Scorpio Sky, while Willie Mack was hot on the trail attempting to claim the United Television Title. *PRESENTED AS ORIGINALLY AIRED SEPTEMBER 21, 2013* Want to watch Championship Wrestling From Hollywood? Find out how at hollywoodwrestling.com, or watch online at fite.tv/channel/cwfh.


Todd Keneley, the voice of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood.

For this week’s #GettingOver feature, in which we thank the hard-working and talented crew being the #UWN, we turn our spotlight on the voice of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, Todd Keneley!

Six things to know about Todd:

? Started working with David Marquez 20 years ago at UPW. Since then, they’ve worked on many projects together, including #CWFH, Championship Wrestling from Arizona, NJPW USA Fighting Spirit, Get Down MMA, CXF MMA, Lights Out X-Treme Fighting, Bash Boxing and more.

? Worked with childhood hero Hulk Hogan on Hulk Hogan’s Celebrity Championship Wrestling, Hulkamania Australia Tour and at IMPACT Wrestling.

⚰️ Was a Druid for the Undertaker’s #WrestleMania 21 entrance.

? Helped form a relationship with Improv / Levity Live that resulted in the Irvine Improv hosting the 2019 Coastline Clash. Hopes to hold future #UnitedWrestling events at Levity venues nationwide.

? Graduated from the University of Southern California, where he played football for USC (defensive tackle).

? Loves going to theme parks with his son Jack.