Nick Bonanno, lead official for both CWFH & CWFAZ

You will probably recognize the subject of this week’s #GettingOver feature, in which we thank and spotlight the talented and dedicated team behind #UnitedWrestling.

Nick Bonanno is the lead official for both Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Championship Wrestling from Arizona, but is also the wrestling operations producer for the organization, and host of the United Wrestling Podcast, which streams live TONIGHT at 7 pm, here on Facebook.

? Things to Know About Nick

? Has a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Kendo.

? Studied ballet to better his in-ring work.

⚰️ Built the Tomb of Terror! (Watch it TODAY on CWFAZ’s Facebook page)

? Constructed an enormous box fort, giant maze and a Rube Goldberg machine for different shoots.

? Has been a writer/producer with #UWN since 2017 and have been writing feature films with David Marquez since 2015.


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