Jeramie McPeek, our play-by-play voice for CWFAZ & social manager for UWN

For week 3 of our #GettingOver series, featuring the hard-working and passionate crew behind our little operation, we point the spotlight towards Jeramie McPeek, our play-by-play voice for Championship Wrestling from Arizona and social manager for #UnitedWrestling.

Five Things to Know About Jeramie:

? Spent 24 years with the Phoenix Suns before starting his own social media consultancy in 2016, and has worked with the WWE, NFL, XFL, NBA and Fiesta Bowl, among other sports and entertainment brands over the last four years.

? Once did his Randy Savage impersonation for the Macho Man himself, while Hulk Hogan and Charles Barkley watched on in surprise.

? Partnered with Lucasfilm to organize the first-ever Star Wars Night at an NBA game in 2012, which inspired other teams to follow. There were 17 Star Wars Nights in the NBA this past season.

? Has had more than a thousand articles published in national magazines over the last 25 years and has interviewed hundreds of athletes and celebrities, including Kobe, JT, Leo and The Rock.

? Chose to pursue a degree in journalism after having his letter to the editor about the Midnight Rockers published in PWI Pro Wrestling Illustrated as a sophomore in high school.

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