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United Television Champion Becomes NWA Tag Team Champion

At the Crockett Cup, new NWA World Tag Team Champions were crowned. United Wrestling Network Alumnus Brody King and his partner the not-quite-human PCO defeated Thom Latimer and United Television Champion Royce Isaacs in the tournament finals to become the new Tag Team Champions of the National Wrestling Alliance. After laying low for the summer, Brody and PCO recently put their titles on the line against the men that they put down to call the Crockett Cup their own. Take a look at the rematch, which has had fans in shock worldwide:

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Next Television Title Bout Announced

“When I won the United Television Title for the fourth time, I solidified myself as THE BEST. But five? That is legendary greatness,” declares Scorpio Sky, still riding high off his record-breaking fifth title reign as Television Champion. Sky recently won the title in an impromptu match following a hard hitting bout between Royce Isaacs and Bateman. Following a well placed kick to the crotch with the referee’s back turned, Sky would once again call himself United Television Champion. But this title victory wasn’t going to sit quietly with former champions.

“After Bateman and I took each other neck-and-neck down the line, Sky could have moonwalked into the ring in street clothes and taken the TV title,” explains Royce Isaacs. “That’s not me though. That’s not what I want. Royce Isaacs wants Scorpio Sky at his best. I want him well rested, well fed, with a full training camp. I want no excuses.” Isaacs has been adamant as of late about winning his matches honestly, with no outside help or rule breaking. Since putting down tough opponents like Ranchero Rogelio in recent weeks, Royce has legitimate claim to be a title contender. But is Royce more deserving than former Champion Bateman, who has yet to receive his rematch?

Royce Isaacs as United Television Champion. (Photo by Devin Chen)

After considering these arguments, Nikko Marquez decided to sanction a Triple Threat Match for the United Television Championship at Championship Wrestling from Hollywood‘s Red Carpet Rumble on August 18th. This kind of bout puts Scorpio Sky at a sizable disadvantage. Not only does he have to defend his title against two opponents at once, but Sky does not even have to be involved with the decision to lose the Television Championship. Never before has Sky had so much to lose in such unpredictable circumstances and must prepare himself mentally in order to keep what he holds dear.

Possibly the most desperate man in this contest is Bateman, who not only lost his TV Title to Scorpio Sky under dubious conditions, but also has lost his valet Sarah Wolfe due to the influence of the Upper Class. UnitedWrestlingTV.com caught up with Bateman to see which of his opponents at the Red Carpet Rumble is his main target.

Bateman about to defend against Royce Isaacs…and then Scorpio Sky (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

” The focus is Scorpio Sky. I’ll do whatever I need to do to get my hands on him,” grumbles Bateman. “And Royce, with his rosy cheeks and his nose in the air all these months has forgotten one thing. You walk around with your nose in the air long enough, someone’s gunna come along and break it.”

United Television Champion Scorpio Sky isn’t phased by the comments of his opponents. As he heads into the Red Carpet Rumble on August 18th at the Oceanview Pavilion, Sky has these words to offer. “Anybody that wants to try and come take it from me, I invite you to do so. We all know how it’s going to end. Different opponent, same result. Get used to greatness.”

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New United World Tag Team Champions Crowned

Soul Burners hug in victory. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

At the July 28th Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Television Event, the Reno SCUM defended their United World Tag Team Championships against the formidable team of Ryan Taylor and Tomaste, better known as the Soul Burners. After being involved in several multi-team title matches, Taylor and Tomaste had been preparing for a direct shot at the Champs for months. What was set to be an exciting contest already, was made more exciting before the bell even rang with the appearance of former Tag Team Champions.

ROCKNES Monsters (Photo by Devin Chen)

ROCKNES Monsters have had a bone to pick with Thornstowe and Luster since they were mysteriously attacked backstage months ago. The reappearance of VERMIN brought a red herring to the trail, but before long YUMA and BHK learned the truth about the United World Tag Team Champions. With intergalactic injustice rampant, the ROCKNES Monsters opted to get involved with the bout on July 28th before it even began. CWFH officials kept the teams apart, but this distraction may have been the opening that the Soul Burners needed.

United World Tag Team Champion Tomaste. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)

Taylor and Tomaste have had a stop and go run at the United tag team division since joining forces last year. Ryan Taylor, a former tag champion himself with Joey Ryan, has been trying to get back to the gold since 2017. An unlucky teaming with Dicky Mayer led him to finding energy with Tomaste unlike any partner he has had to date. Tomaste has suffered injuries keeping him out of action for different lengths of time over the last calendar year. Any amount of momentum gained by the Soul Burners was cut off with these lapses in active competition. With both men healthy and on the same page, Taylor and Tomaste were able to capitalize on the momentary lack of focus from Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend to capture the United World Tag Team Championship on July 28th. The staff at UnitedWrestlingTV.com congratulate the Soul Burners on their win and looks forward to future defenses.

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United Welcomes Silver State Wrestling

This past weekend, United Wrestling Network President David Marquez announced the founding of his newest television promotion, Silver State Wrestling! This program will be emanating from Nevada’s entertainment capital, Las Vegas. Tourists and Vegas locals alike are already buzzing about what this could bring to the wrestling community that has developed in the area over the last several decades.
“We’re looking to really turn heads in Sin City!” boasts Marquez, eager to tap into the Las Vegas market once again. “Silver State is something that we’ve been working on for a long time and we are looking forward to bringing it to our fans in 2019.”
The promotion will initially be a television product, similar to the Hollywood and Arizona programming, but is expected to expand into live events by 2020.  Silver State Wrestling will feature a unique roster showcasing the best of Nevada’s Professional Wrestling talents as well as stars from around the United Wrestling Network.
Nevada’s own Reno SCUM, the United World Tag Team Champions. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
Many United Wrestling Network stars call Nevada their home including Suede Thompson, “Professional” Peter Avalon, United World Tag Team Champions Reno SCUM. Supporters of these athletes can now root for their hometown heroes from the comforts of their living rooms. Fans can expect to see more Nevada talents on television going forward.
Follow @SilverStatePro on social media for updates on upcoming events and television schedules.
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CWFH Forms Working Relationship with China’s MKW

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – For nearly a decade, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has brought some of the most exciting wrestling in the United States to home viewers across the country, partnering with various high-profile wrestling organizations, including Combat Zone Wrestling and the National Wrestling Alliance.
CWFH is pleased to announce their newest partnership, entering a working relationship with China’s Middle Kingdom Wrestling – 摔角王国. In partnering with CWFH, MKW plans to accelerate its commitment to broadcasting all of the promotion’s major events on the top live streaming networks in the Chinese market.
As one of the first official acts in this partnership, CWFH is proud to send former United World Tag Team Champion Dicky Mayer overseas in order to spend valuable ring time with the stars of Middle Kingdom Wrestling. Following CWFH’s annual blockbuster, Coastline Clash, Mayer will spend two months in China, simultaneously honing his craft as well as imparting his knowledge, before returning Stateside.
Dicky Mayer (right) will be the first United competitor to work directly with MKW. (Photo by Hiban Huerta)
Having aired over 400 episodes on over 120 television stations, cable channels and satellite channels, CWFH and its parent organization, the United Wrestling Network, are thrilled to share their broadcast expertise with MKW’s production team.
For more information on Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, please visitwww.hollywoodwrestling.com, or visit them on all forms of social media, @CWFHollywood.


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Reno SCUM challenge for UWN Tag Titles on March 24

Oi! Oi! Oi! The wait is over and the longest reigning United World Tag Team Champions have returned to active competition. After Adam Thornstowe was sidelined with an injury in late 2018, UWN Executive Nikko Marquez decided to strip the Reno SCUM of their titles for failing to defend within the United Wrestling Network in the stipulated 30 day period. ROCKNES Monsters were crowned the new champions on the landmark 400th episode of Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, but have since let those titles slip through their fingers and into the hands of Double Platinum. Nikko Marquez recently announced that at the March 24th Television Event at the Oceanview Pavilion that Thornstowe and Luster will get their rematch for the United World Tag Team Championship in a Triple Threat Match. It will be Double Platinum versus ROCKNES Monsters versus Reno SCUM. Upon hearing this news, each team had words for their opponents.
“The ROCKNES Monsters have survived heavy fire from all angles and fighting two excellent teams will be no different,” says YUMA while calibrating an unknown intergalactic gadget. “We were robbed of our titles, but justice will be served.” While the “Moon Man” and the “Ace of Space” are confident in their abilities to take on their foes, Double Platinum had less than respectful words towards the longest reigning United World Tag Team Champions.
ROCKNES Monsters (Photo by Devin Chen)
“Hasn’t anyone told [Reno SCUM] that Punk is dead? We’re the new wave,” boasts Suede Thompson, confident that Double Platinum will retain their championship titles. “We’re only worried about breaking records and holding gold.” UnitedWrestlingTV.com reached out to Reno SCUM to see if they feel that they are at a disadvantage by having to take on two teams for their rematch.
United World Tag Team Champions Double Platinum (Photo by Jonathan King)
“Double Platinum! ROCKNES Monsters! You will be silenced by the violence!” screamed Luster the Legend. From the sound of it, the former champions are more motivated than ever and nothing or nobody will stand in their way.
“It doesn’t matter if it’s one team, two teams, red teams, blue teams. It don’t matter!” added Adam Thornstowe. “We’re taking our titles back and Reno SCUM will be champions FOREVER. Oi! Oi! Oi!”
Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on Sunday March 24 as the United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Championship will be on the line as Double Platinum defend against ROCKNES Monsters and Reno SCUM!
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Main Event Pro Wrestling expands into Arkansas with UWN Sanctioning

UWN member promoter Mark Vaughn has added the city of Sherwood, Arkansas to the tour schedule with an event on April 6, 2019.

“The city of Sherwood in the Little Rock-North Little Rock-Conway market boasts access to an incredible market which should lead to a fan-filled night that our fans in Texas, and Louisiana, have become accustomed to. Entering the Arkansas market has always been a goal with my Main Event brand as we claim to be the best in the Ark-La-Tex and with the Little Rock area as the foundation of that growth, we rightfully will be”.  – Mark Vaughn, Main Event Pro Wrestling, President.

The event will take place at the Sylvan Hills High School and will assist in supporting the Sylvan Hills wrestling program. A “Press Conference” will precede the live event at Russel Chevrolet in North Little Rock where fans can interact with the superstars of MEPW via a question and answer session with interviews concerning the bouts scheduled for the evening.

For more information on Main Event Pro Wrestling you can visit the website at www.MAINEVENTPROWRESTLING.com and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram with the handle @officialMEPW

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“Hollywood’s Own” Returns to CWFH on Feb 10

Port Hueneme, CA – The action in Hollywood is getting absolutely explosive, inching closer and closer to the finals of the annual PP3 Cup Memorial Tournament! On February 10th, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood returns to the Oceanview Pavilion with a pair of championship dream matches, as well as the last PP3 Cup match before the finals!

Jamie Iovine has been slowly losing his grip on his fantasy of monopolizing all of the titles in Championship Wrestling from Hollywood. Not only did Royce Isaacs lose his Hollywood Heritage Title, but Double Platinum came up short in their bid to capture the vacant United World Tag Team Titles. There is but one championship left in the Iovine camp, and that’s Royce Isaacs’ United Television Title. Isaacs will be looking to prove to the fans of Hollywood that he hasn’t lost a single step, when he defends the TV Title against another former Television Champion, Ryan Taylor.

The rivalry between the ROCKNES MONSTERS and Double Platinum is getting more heated than ever. Sources say that Chris Bey and Suede Thompson were overheard plotting their revenge after losing to the team of ROCKNES and Andy Brown in six-man action alongside Royce Isaacs. On February 10th, YUMA and BHK will have a chance to silence their foes in singles action; YUMA will go head-to-head with Suede Thompson, while BHK will collide with “The Ultimate Finesser” Chris Bey!

United Tag Team Champions ROCKNES MONSTERS with Hollywood Heritage Champion “Uptown” Andy Brown.

Ever since capturing the Hollywood Heritage Title from Royce Isaacs, “Uptown” Andy Brown has vowed to be a fighting champion, accepting any and all challengers. Such a challenge rarely goes unnoticed, and Andy’s is no exception, as it has been answered by none other than “Hollywood’s Own” Joey Ryan! In the first semi-final match of the PP3 Memorial Cup Tournament, Bateman hit a miraculous elbow to a mid-flight Brandon Cutler, scoring him the win and a ticket to the finals. On February 10th, we will see the other half of the semi-finals, an East Coast vs. West Coast battle of speed and agility as Danny “Limelight” Rivera takes on Adrian Quest. Will Brooklyn’s native son go on to face The Main Man for the Cup, or will it be Young Fuego that represents SoCal in the finals?

Admission is FREE, seats are first-come, first-served. For more information, follow CWFH’s social media channels, @CWFHollywood.

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CWFH Celebrates 400 Episodes, A New Time in Los Angeles Following SoCal Powerhouse Newscast

Hollywood, CA (January 7, 2019) – In 2010, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood (CWFH) premiered on KDOC-TV in Los Angeles and for the past 8 years the Southern California broadcast has become somewhat of a model for pro wrestling television efforts all over the world. Today the company is pleased to announce the hour long episodic program is moving times on KDOC-TV. Starting January 26 our programming will be found at 1:00A following ABC7 Eyewitness News.

“In television it’s all about the lead in and I couldn’t ask for a better lead in than what I consider is the best TV/Media brand in SoCal, ‘Eyewitness News’. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood has been a leader in televised pro wrestling for the better part of a decade. We’ve been instrumental in developing some of the most recognized talents in the business worldwide and it is my hope that this move provides the current crop of talent viewership in the second largest media market in the country like we’ve never enjoyed before.” stated CWFH Owner and Executive Producer David Marquez.

On 1/26 we’ll present our 400th broadcast that features United Wrestling Network Television and Hollywood Heritage Champion Royce Isaacs with Jamie Iovine, “Bad Dude” Tito, Ryan Taylor, Heather Monroe, Fidel Bravo, a Main Event United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Championship decision between Double Platinum and The RockNES Monsters and more!

If you’re not in the Los Angeles area CWFH is distributed to over 120 domestic and international broadcast, satellite and online outlets including FITE. To find CWFH in your area please visit HollywoodWrestling.com or follow us on Instagram/Twitter @CWFHollywood.

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CWFH Presents Milestone on Dec 9

By Matthew Tyson

Port Hueneme, CA – After one of the most action-packed years in its history, Championship Wrestling from Hollywood will bid farewell to 2018 with Milestone! Celebrating eight years of CWFH action, Milestone will once again emanate from the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme. As always, Milestone will deliver one of the most stacked cards of the year!

The annual PP3 Cup Tournament is right around the corner, and nearly all participants have qualified, including the likes of Fidel Bravo and Richie Slade. But one final spot remains! The first 10 men to sign up will enter a Wild Card Battle Royal to determine the final entrant!

Heather Monroe has been running roughshod over CWFH’s women’s division, but at Milestone, the powerhouse known as Ayoka Muhara will attempt to shut her up once and for all.

This year saw New Japan Pro Wrestling open a brand new Los Angeles dojo, which houses some of the hungriest talent in the state! At Milestone, CWFH fans will see the future, as these Young Lions will be in action. Alex Coughlin and Clark Connors will take on the team of Ray Rosas and Adrian Quest, while Karl Fredericks will go one-on-one with the sadistic Bateman!

Suede Thompson shocked CWFH fans when he attacked WATTS from behind, forming an alliance with his once rival, Chris Bey. Bey and Thompson, now collectively known as Double Platinum, will take on WATTS in tag team action, but who will be WATTS’ mystery partner?

In one of 2018’s most unlikely developments, Gentleman Jervis and Robert Baines have reformed the Friendship Express! In fact, the pair is so confident in their renewed power that they’ve vowed to vanquish Howdy Price’s Rancheros!

“Professional” Peter Avalon has developed quite the rivalry with Tim Storm, most recently losing a humiliating Kiss My Foot Match to “The Perfect Storm” at the NWA’s 70th Anniversary. Avalon is irate, and has demanded Storm face him one on one at Milestone!

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis is no stranger to CWFH, and at Milestone, “The National Treasure” will put the Ten Pounds of Gold on the line against Bad Dude Tito!

Willie Mack had a phenomenal first defense of his NWA National Title against “Uptown” Andy Brown recently. We now know that Willie will defend his title again at Milestone against the very man that Mack defeated to become the National Champion, Samual Shaw!

Speaking of Brown, the “Last of a Dying Breed” has moved mountains for a shot at Royce Isaacs. At Milestone, all bets are off as Brown aims for the Heritage Title in a Ladder Match!

Admission to Milestone is FREE, seats are first-come, first-served. For more information, follow CWFH’s social media channels, @CWFHollywood.