Billy Trask, Director for CWFH & the NWA!

For this week’s #GettingOver feature, in which we thank the talented and dedicated crew behind the scenes, we turn the spotlight on Billy Trask, the director for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and the NWA!

Five Things to Know About Billy:

? He is mixed-handed: “My baseball coach thought I was going to be a huge asset, but I just wanted to go home and watch cartoons instead.”

?‍♂️ Trained to wrestle for several months under Ty Matthews before moving over to production. He trained alongside current #UnitedWrestling Television Champion Dan Joseph and Nigel McGuinness made him tap.

? Started making “terrible movies” when he was 9-years old and worked on his first commercial shoot at 16.

? Is an Isabelle main in #SuperSmashBros Ultimate, followed by Roy and Bowser.

? Plays several instruments, including guitar, bass, piano and clarinet. “I’m easily the worst at clarinet, which is the only instrument I have formal training in.” And he lists his favorite bands as: Queen, the Beatles and the White Stripes.

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