This Week in the United Wrestling Network

It’s a busy week for promotions across the United Wrestling Network. Take a look!

January 24 Rockstar Pro “Amped” Television Event at the Rockstar Pro Arena. 7:30pm Belltime.

The weekly Televison Event continues as all the stars of Rockstar Pro step into the ring!

January 26 Rocky Mountain Pro live at the Rackhouse Pub. 10pm Belltime.

Rocky Mountain Pro Champion Curtis Cole and all of your Colorado favorites bring the action to Denver in this 21+ event.

January 27 Canadian Wrestling Elite presents “The Steeltown Special” at the Selkirk Friendship Centre

CWE puts on a spectacular event with a huge line up including: CWE Champion Tyler Colton vs. Thryllin Dylan, Matt Fairlane vs. “Big” Bobby Schink, and La Sombra vs. “The Rabid Dog” Rob Stardom.

January 27 Future Stars of Wrestling “No Escape” at Silverton Casino. 7pm Belltime.

In what could be described as a “can’t-miss event,” FSW No Escape is full of exciting matches unlike anything seen outside Las Vegas. Jody the Wrestler defends the FSW Championship against Hammerstone in a Steel Cage Match. Tomaste defends the No Limits Championship against four other men in an Ultimate X Match. In a special attraction, Alberto El Patron will go toe-to-toe with Moose.

January 28 Championship Wrestling From Hollywood Television Event at the Oceanview Pavilion. 3pm Belltime.

Bad Dude Tito defends the Hollywood Heritage Championship against Jeff Cobb. Bateman takes on Dicky Mayer to see who’s the “Main Man” in Hollywood. The PP3 Memorial Cup Tournament continues and much more!


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Gino Rivera: CWFAZ’s First Champion

By J. Tyler

Gino Rivera

Championship Wrestling from Arizona has a new Arizona State Champion…and he told you so. The “Puerto Rican Pitbull” Gino Rivera defeated Manny Lemons in the final match of the Arizona Championship Tournament to take home the gold. This is the first title won by the Brooklyn native, but far from his first accomplishment in pro wrestling.

Debuting in 2009, Gino’s resume already boasts many individual accomplishments, including winning the 2014 UEW West Coast Cruiser Cup, as well as being part of the Los Primos Rivera tag team with his cousin Danny “LimeLight” Rivera. He continues to apply his craft to many promotions in California, New Mexico and Arizona.

Gino and Danny Rivera – Los Primos Rivera

With the Arizona title now around his waist, Gino is very confident about his future as champion.

“Winning the AZ championship means so much to me. All the hard work, all the negative people who told me, ‘You’re too small… You’ll never leave this town… You’ll be wanted, on drugs, broke, poor, in the streets begging for change, dead or in jail before your turn 21.’ [The win] made me feel so special. I showed them all.”

Rivera jaw-jacks with the packed crowd at the Nile Theater. (Photo by Jeramie McPeek)

What’s next for Arizona’s first Champion? “Where do I go from here? I’m already at the top! I’m gonna be here forever! I’m the king of the mountain and I’ll push off anyone who decides they wanna climb up. I always say that I’m the first, the last, and ONLY Arizona state champion. I mean what I say and I say what I mean.”

The brash champion does have his work cut out for him as the list of contenders for the Arizona State Championship is rich with solid challengers. It will be interesting to see how Rivera can adapt. Gino Rivera is never at a loss for words, especially when it comes to being the first CWFAZ Arizona State Champion. Just ask him… he’ll tell you so.


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This Week in the United Wrestling Network

What events are happening this week across the United Wrestling Network? Take a look!

January 17 IPW:UK “Magnificent Zeven” at Unit Nine. 7:30pm Belltime

History will be made as the WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne takes on the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Will Ospreay. Also featured on this event is the Z-Force Championship bout as well as The Collective vs. Jimmy Havoc and Sid Scala.

January 19 Rocky Mountain Pro live at the Mercury Event Center. 9pm Belltime.

The last stop before “New Years Revolution,” this event will feature Ring of Honor’s Tough Guy Inc as well as all of your favorites from Rocky Mountain Pro!

January 20 Rocky Mountain Pro “New Years Revolution” at “The Quarry” at Jefferson Co. Fairgrounds. 6pm Belltime.

Every title in Rocky Mountain Pro will be on the line, plus Tough Guy Inc and more!

January 20 Championship Wrestling From Arizona Televison Event at the Nile Theater. 2pm Belltime.

The Arizona State Champion Gino Rivera struts into Mesa to say he “told you so.” This event will also feature the debut of Karl Fredericks and the return of Arizona favorite, Suede Thompson.


With new events to come every week, keep your eyes peeled for more from the United Wrestling Network.

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United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Champions: Reno Scum

Oi! Oi! Oi! The sound of punk rock blasting through the speakers and gravelly chants rumbling from the crowd signal the unmistakable entrance of Adam Thornstowe and Luster the Legend, better known as Reno Scum. These tattooed titans are the toughest pair of tag team wrestlers this side of Reno, Nevada, and now have the gold to prove it. In December 2017, they defeated Pac 3 in Los Angeles, CA to become the new United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Champions and have set out to show the rest of the wrestling world just what they are.

Reno Scum means smash mouth wrestling. It’s hard-hitting double teams and concussive combinations.  It’s not pretty and that’s just how they like it. Luster the Legend is a weapon in himself, with a skull as hard as the guitar riffs in his entrance theme. Adam Thornstowe is a lightning-quick striker who’s as athletic as they come. Having recovered from a bicep injury in 2017, Thornstowe is rebuilt man of destruction and now he and Luster have come back to tag team wrestling stronger than ever.

When asked to comment on the tag teams in the United Wrestling Network who are clamoring for a shot at the champs, Adam Thornstowe replied, “Everyone will be silenced by the violence because they’re ain’t no party like a Reno Scum party!” Never short on words for their opposers, the champions suggest that there may not be a team capable of stopping them. “We’re the Reno Scum and we do what we want when we want. And that’s good for us and bad for you!” added Luster the Legend, offering a fair warning to any teams who come calling their names.

Call them what you want, we’ll call them the United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Champions. Every tag team in the United Wrestling Network is on notice: Reno Scum is coming to crack your skull in. Oi!

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Make Your New Years Resolution to Train at the International WrestleCenter

They say that you become a professional wrestler the same way that you become a doctor: you go to school. But as any doctor knows, the first step to getting a great education is picking the right place to study. With no shortage of professional wrestling schools in the United States, let alone in Southern California, it can be a lot to sift through to unearth a reputable training facility. Well look no further, as the United Wrestling Network International WrestleCenter is now accepting new students for the 2018 class beginning in January. But why train with United?

The WrestleCenter is the only training facility on the West Coast that will teach you how to be on television with an actual television show. Located less than ten minutes away from the Oceanview Pavilion (where Championship Wrestling From Hollywood is recorded), the school is developed and operated with the same resources that make our national programming possible. With the eye for television always overseeing classes at the WrestleCenter, our students are put directly in line for televised opportunities in several of the United promotions, including Championship Wrestling From Arizona and Combat Zone Wrestling.  Three of our top students had matches on Championship Wrestling From Hollywood in 2017 and the school itself has produced mainstays of the CWFH main roster, notably former United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Champion Dan Joseph.

Who are the trainers? The WrestleCenter is led by head trainers “Professional” Peter Avalon and Impact Wrestling Global Champion Eli Drake.  It is frequented by guest trainers such as Rocky Romero, Marty Scurll, Finn Balor, Joey Ryan, and Billy Gunn.

Says head trainer Peter Avalon on the advantages of training with United, “I have over ten years experience in wrestling. Eight of those have been on television. I have appeared on numerous major television wrestling outlets and have worked with some of the top wrestlers in the world. I have trained people who have gone on to tryouts and have helped to mold people on the Indy scene today. If you want to be a well-rounded television wrestler, the WrestleCenter is your spot.”

This all sound great, but tight on cash? No need to worry. For the 2018 class, the WrestleCenter is now offering Free Tuition to all new students. No joking around, classes will be 100% free going forward.  Start 2018 off right by signing up to train to be a Professional Wrestler at the United Wrestling Network International WrestleCenter!

The UWN International WrestleCenter is located at

1225 Saviers Rd Unit 1

Oxnard, CA 93033

Got a question? Please send all inquiries to or call (818) 724-7587 today!

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United World Champion to be Crowned in 2018

2018 will bring big changes to the United Wrestling Network. Expanding the number of member promotions, exchanging talent, and holding United banner events will be made even more exciting by the latest news to come out of the sanctioning body: in 2018 there will officially be a United World Champion.

“It’s been four years in the making,” says UWN President David Marquez. After gathering a number of member promotions, United Wrestling Network officials are combing through every corner of talent pool for top stars to include in a tournament to crown their first World Champion.

“United is home to many popular regional champions,” says United Executive Mick Greenwood,  “Guys like Championship Wrestling from Hollywood’s Bad Dude Tito and Sugar D from Freelance Wrestling are on our list for possible tournament entries.” Officials are not only looking for top regional champions, but are also considering wrestlers with potential to prove themselves. “We’ve been very impressed with the guys coming out of the United promotions,” continues Greenwood,  “David Starr from CZW and Suede Thompson from FSW have been put on the list as well.”

Being the inaugural UWN Champion will mean big things for its holder. As David Marquez puts it, “It will be a true “World” Championship. This title will be defended around the world. Not just in Hollywood. Not just in Philadelphia or Arizona. The world is open. We’ll show you.”

With such momentous events set to come, it’s best to keep your attention to the United Wrestling Network for updates on competitors and the UWN World Championship.

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What is the United Wrestling Network?


There is an adage that says “you couldn’t get wrestling promoters to order a cup of coffee together.” Of the hundreds of wrestling promotions around the world, few are seemingly willing to work together. Championship Wrestling from Hollywood Executive Producer David Marquez is looking to change that by creating the United Wrestling Network.

“What we’ve done is formed a sanctioning body that oversees a number of member promotions,” says Marquez. “The purpose is to bring companies together to exchange talent, create new relationships, and promote championships that can be defended on any of the United-sanctioned events.” The UWN has wasted no time in bringing a variety of promotions into the fold.

“Currently we have about ten promotions making up the United Wrestling Network,” says Marquez. Starting with Championship Wrestling from Hollywood as the initial member, United soon added possibly the polar opposite: Combat Zone Wrestling. With a flair for ultraviolence, CZW occupies a particular space in the wrestling spectrum, as does the next promotion on the list: the party-like Freelance Wrestling. Each of these companies offers a distinct atmosphere for the United Wrestling Network champions to defend their titles.

The newly-crowned United World Tag Team Champions Reno Scum have already dominated competition across the Network. As United Wrestling Network Television Champion, Rocky Romero spent the majority of 2017 defending that title in Japan before losing the championship to Scorpio Sky this past December. Fans should expect to see stars cross over between promotions as well as on United-branded events, such as  “Cavalcade of Champions,” which was hosted by Championship Wrestling From Arizona.  This televised event brought together champions from nearly every member promotion to create a unique showcase of talent that you will only find in the United Wrestling Network.

With new promotions being added all over the world, the United Wrestling Network seeks to expand its reach on the global wrestling landscape in a way that no sanctioning body has done before. Keep your eyes peeled for updates on member companies and upcoming events from the United Wrestling Network.

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