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CWFAZ: Silver Spotlight Tournament on May 5

Ryan Morals has made a lot of promises over the last several months. He has kept two of them for sure. The first was usurping Peter Avalon as the Head Matchmaker for Championship Wrestling From Arizona. The second promise Morals has made good on is taking his show on the road. On Saturday, May 5, 2018, the newly renamed Ryan J Morals Championship Wrestling Hour for Good Boyswill hold its first ever Silver Spotlight Tournament at the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, CA. The Silver Spotlight winner will be granted a title shot at any time that he chooses on a future episode of program. With stakes that high, this surely will be a can’t-miss event. Make sure to be at the Oceanview Pavilion on May 5th as the Ryan J Morals Championship Wrestling Hour for Good Boyspresents the Silver Spotlight Tournament! Special 5pm belltime.

Also on the event:

Arizona State Championship

Watts vs. Gino Rivera (c)


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Boom Boom: United’s China Special as told by Colt Cabana

On April 14, 2018, the United Wrestling Network and the NWA recorded a Television Special in Wenzhou, China. The incredible line up of matches was Main Evented by Nick Aldis putting the Worlds Heavyweight Championship on the line as a part of the “Aldis Crusade.” Here is a first look at the event through the eyes of the Challenger, Colt Cabana, courtesy of the National Wrestling Alliance:

For updates about this event, the United Wrestling Network, and the NWA, check back with UnitedWrestlingTV.com!


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CZW: Best of the Best on April 14

By Philip Stamper

Combat Zone Wrestling presents:

Best of the Best SATURDAY 4/14!

CZWrestling.com – After a jam packed “Welcome to the Combat Zone” in New Orleans, CZW heads into “Best of the Best” THIS SATURDAY, 4/14 at Colossal Sports at The Coliseum, 333 Preston Ave in Voorhees, NJ at 8 pm.

(See full results from #CZWWelcome at CZWrestling.com; see it all at CZWstudios.com!)

CZW World Heavyweight champion Rickey Shane Page defends his title against Maxwell Jacob Friedman!

CZW World Tag Team champions The Rep (Dave McCall, Nate Wallace) w/ Maven Bentley take on Storm of Entrails (Dan O’Hare, Shlak)!

Then, in wrestling’s most prestigious wrestling tournament:
– #BOTB First Round Match: Matt Riddle vs. Wheeler Yuta vs. Curt Stallion
– #BOTB First Round Match: Tessa Blanchard vs. David Starr vs. Peter Avalon
– #BOTB First Round Match: Joe Gacy vs. Joey Janela vs. Brandon Kirk
– #BOTB First Round Match: Myron Reed vs. Trey Miguel vs. Zachary Wentz

Tickets available at CZWtickets.ticketfly.com! Show support on Facebook at facebook.com/events/200700990698773.

Follow CZW: Twitter.com/combatzone – Facebook.com/officialczw – Instagram.com/combatzone

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United Wrestling Network to host a Television Special in China

When they say that the United Wrestling Network has a worldwide reach, that isn’t just a turn of phrase. From the competitors to the promotions, United has collected a system of moving parts that have resulted in the most unique professional wrestling happening in the most unique locations around the globe. After United presented two radically different major events in New Orleans last week (CZW and Main Event Pro Wrestling), the Network is now tasked with topping those in a completely different fashion. The aforementioned worldwide reach has touched down in Wenzhou, China, and a stacked lineup of stars is set to make their China debuts during a television broadcast on April 14. Already signed:

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis

NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship
Colt Cabana vs. Nick Aldis (c)

Women’s Attraction
Heather Monroe vs. Barbi Hayden

Reno Scum will defend the United World Tag Team Championship!

Also set to appear:
United Wrestling Network star Watts
Top Championship Contenders from all over China
Plus more to be announced!

United World Tag Team Champions Reno Scum

Check back with UnitedWrestlingTV.com for more updates on this event and the United Wrestling Network.

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The Aldis Crusade Shines in United

Aldis bends James Ellsworth in half with the King’s Lynn Cloverleaf.

The Aldis Crusade with the Ten Pounds of Gold is now in full swing. With the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion racking up successful title defenses, Nick Aldis is well on his way to being talked about among the greats – Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, and Harley Race – that is if he can win them all.

The NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion extends a hand to his Challenger, David Starr.

Two of the highest profile title defenses so far took place on United Wrestling Network soil. Possibly the farthest apart of any two United companies, the NWA selected Championship Wrestling From Hollywood and IPW: UK to each host a major title defense. Hollywood saw Aldis defend against the popular James Ellsworth (who earned the opportunity by defeating former Worlds Heavyweight Champion AJ Styles) and the United Kingdom saw Aldis choose international attraction David Starr to challenge for the gold. Here is the full story, courtesy of the National Wrestling Alliance:

Nick Aldis is scheduled to make defenses at Xcite Wrestling on March 16 and, if still Champion, at Rocky Mountain Pro on March 17. For updates on United, the NWA, and The Aldis Crusade, make sure to check back with UnitedWrestlingTV.com.



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2018 PP3 Cup Bearer: Suede Thompson

Suede Thompson with the PP3 Cup. (Photo by Devin Chen)

“When I heard that three count, the only thing that went through my mind was, ‘I did it. I finally did it. No more doubts.’” An extremely proud Suede Thompson has been strutting around Sin City with the PP3 Cup in his grasp. Landing a 450 Splash onto PP3 Finalist Royce Isaacs and scoring a pinfall victory has bigger implications for the “One Man Show” than just winning one Main Event match. Coming out on top in the Percival Pringle III Memorial Cup Tournament is a career-making moment for Suede Thompson and one he doesn’t intend on letting slip through his fingers.

Thompson takes flight with a 450 Splash onto Royce Isaacs. (Photo by Devin Chen)

For former PP3 Cup Holders, winning that Tournament has been a launching pad to stardom and, for some, certain gold. In the past, Cup Winners like Ricky Mandel (2014) and YUMA (2015) have elected to use their title opportunity to challenge for and win the Hollywood Heritage Championship. Other Cup Holders like Watts (2016) and Dicky Mayer (2017) have found partners and have gone after the United World Tag Team Championship. 2018 is the first year that the Cup allows the Holder to challenge for any title defended in the United Wrestling Network. That opens up a whole world of possibility for Suede, because if he successfully challenges the right opponent at the right time, he could be on the fast track to title defenses all over the United Wrestling Network and all over the world. With that in mind and United set to crown its first World Champion this year, the “CEO of Suederade” has a lot of options when it comes to his title opportunity. UnitedWrestlingTV.com asked Thompson if he has any United Champions already in mind when the time comes to use Percy’s Privilege.

Nikko Marquez presents the prize to the 2018 PP3 Cup Bearer.

“As far as focusing on one certain title,” says Suede with a contemplative expression, “I’m keeping my options open and will be scouting the very deep talent pool that United has to offer.” Patience is a virtue and one that will hopefully pay off in a big way for the 2018 Cup Bearer. “Top Guy” is no longer just a nickname for Suede Thompson. Fanfare for Suede has been overwhelmingly positive and his victory in the finals of the PP3 Cup Memorial Tournament proves that he is the man to watch in 2018. Everything’s looking up, so turn down for what?!


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IPW: UK Training Center Opens in Sevenoaks

Want to become a professional wrestler, but not able to make it to the United Wrestling Network International WrestleCenter? For those dreamers in the United Kingdom, you’re in luck! The Knole Academy in Sevenoaks, Kent is the new home of IPW’s Training Center. With new classes beginning soon, hopefuls are signing up in droves to get a start on their professional wrestling career. But why train with IPW?

Head Trainer Jon Ryan shares his knowledge with trainees.

With several wrestling schools to choose from, it can be tricky to determine which training centers provide the best education for their students. To decide if this school is right for you, look no further than IPW’s Head Trainer: British wrestling veteran Jon Ryan. An accomplished wrestler in his own right, Ryan’s list of students speaks for itself with stars like Zack Sabre Jr. and Jimmy Havoc to name a few. Current classes are open to experienced trainees, with sessions for beginners opening in March 2018.

A full class of hard working men and women.

The Knole Academy is located at:

Bradbourne Vale Rd,

Sevenoaks TN13 3LE, UK


For more details, visit IPWUK.com or message IPW:UK through social media.

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“Ten Pounds of Gold” defended at IPW:UK

Upon winning the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship from Tim Storm at CZW: Cage of Death, Nick Aldis declared that he would bring honor back to that Title and prestige to the entire National Wrestling Alliance. As a part of what the Champion is calling the “Aldis Crusade,” the NWA has selected a number of United promotions to host a title defense putting the “Ten Pounds of Gold” on the line. After his first successful defense in Los Angeles where he defeated James Ellsworth, Nick Aldis returns home to the United Kingdom to remind his countrymen what that championship means.

“The Ten Pounds of Gold is not a prop. It is not just a strap. It is a symbol of values and if you’re good enough to hold it, a way of life.” The next person in line to hoping to make the Worlds Heavyweight Championship his way of life is United Wrestling Network standout David Starr. A frequent competitor at Combat Zone Wrestling, Starr has made an international name for himself over the last two years with a worldly appeal across every fanbase he’s stepped in front of. It is for these reasons combined with his technical skills that have put him in line for a shot at Nick Aldis. We caught up with David Starr to get his thoughts on the biggest opportunity of his career.

An NWA licensed official explains the rules of the Title Bout to Nick Aldis and David Starr.

“I have dreamed of being NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion since I was little watching tapes of Dusty and Flair,” says a determined David Starr. “Nick Aldis is an admirable Champion.” Fans of either man know that Aldis and Starr will stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. This match will be a manifestation of that resolve at the highest level.

Make sure to check back to UnitedWrestlingTV.com for updates and information on National Wrestling Alliance and the United Wrestling Network.

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Reno Scum Defends the United World Tag Team Championship on Feb 25

After ridding the United Wrestling Network of former World Tag Team Champions Pac 3, Luster the Legend and Adam Thornstowe have declared that they will defend their titles anywhere in the world. With a television broadcast emanating from Shanghai, China on the horizon, the men collectively known as Reno Scum are soon to make their promise a reality. But before their flight for the Far East takes off, they must put those titles on the line one more time at Championship Wrestling From Hollywood. But who will step up to challenge the Champs?

CWFH’s Minority Owner Nikko Marquez has been scouting tag teams from across the United Wrestling Network to find a duo that will bring the most exciting fight to television. With touches of “old school” brawling in the repertoire of Reno Scum, Nikko’s task to match that skill set struck an idea in his head to push the matchup forward – or Retro Forward. The team that Nikko has signed for the next World Tag Team Title opportunity is none other than The Office’s own Classic Connection.

Levi Shapiro and Buddy Royal, The Classic Connection.

“Buddy and Levi have been doing a great job representing The Office in their time away from Championship Wrestling From Hollywood,” says a swamped Nikko Marquez. “From what Peter Avalon has told me, Classic Connection has been a pillar of contribution on the Championship Wrestling from Arizona roster. Since synergy is a focus of The Office’s re-org, seeing their attention to making other United promotions function shows me that they are deserving of a title opportunity against Reno Scum.”

The matchmaker has spoken and Classic Connection will challenge the United Wrestling Network World Tag Team Champions Reno Scum on February 25th at the Oceanview Pavilion in Port Hueneme, CA. Don’t miss it!

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Tim Storm Discusses His Future in the NWA

Former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm

Every night since December 9, 2017 has been filled with an internal debate for Tim Storm. That is because on that frigid night at CZW: Cage of Death, NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion Tim Storm became the former Worlds Heavyweight Champion. On the road to his rematch with new Champion Nick Aldis, Tim Storm was forced into putting his shot at the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship on the line against Jocephus. Storm fought Jocephus in a grueling Empty Arena Match at the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida and when the dust settled Tim Storm was left laying without his title match to look forward to. So where does that leave the former Worlds Heavyweight Champion?

On Sunday, January 28, 2018, Tim Storm returned to United promotion Championship Wrestling From Hollywood to talk publicly about the internal struggle that has kept him up at night. Is it time to hang it up? See the full story here, courtesy of the National Wrestling Alliance:

Check back with UnitedWrestlingTV.com for updates and news on Tim Storm, the NWA, and the United Wrestling Network.

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